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4 Tips to Stay Foccused on Your Business and get Stuff Done

There are a handful of skills and qualities that are essential for anyone looking to succeed in the business, life, and professional life. Patience, resilience, and the ability to pivot at the right moment knowing when to and when not to speak can have a major impact on anyone’s business and career success–but it doesn’t end there.

If there’s one thing that truly separates the leaders from the followers, it’s the ability to maintain a solid focus on your work, to get in the zone and get stuff done!

Yet, the fast pace of modern society has made focusing on the day’s dealings more difficult than ever.

Learning how to focus on the task at hand may be tough, but it’ll make all the difference in the world in terms of your productivity and the quality of your work.


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Take 90 Minutes Off From Communication

Communication between healthcare professionals is a key part of the daily business routine, whether it’s answering emails or communicating face-to-face between disciplines.

Unfortunately, all of this interconnection has caused true communication to get lost in the process and takes away from real business and healthcare career success.

Big projects aren’t getting done because we’re too busy checking off our texts and emails.

Attempt to trim at least 90 minutes off from just the communication portion of your day.

This includes texting, answering emails, attending meetings, participating in all forms of social media, etc.

Truly focus on the task in front of you, and for healthcare workers that tends to be direct patient care or documentation.

It can be a challenging habit to break, but it will dramatically improve your ability to get things done and improve your interaction with patients.

Stay off of “Time-Wasting” Websites

Online information is available for us in copious amounts at an accelerated rate, which allows us to learn in a wide variety of ways.

However, the internet is loaded with junk, or “time-wasting” sites, some of which can distract us from our day and get in the way of us getting any real work done.

For example, scrolling through the Facebook feed, checking out Instagram for the billionth time, watching Youtube videos, and the list goes on.

Before we know it, three hours have gone by and we’ve gotten nothing of substance finished.

Some healthcare professionals, especially those working in independent practice, must advertise their services utilising social media platforms to truly see any business success.

This can make it very tempting to scroll through useless online garbage.

However, healthcare professionals can use “time-waste blockers”, apps, and other plug-ins to block access to specific sites during work hours.

This may give you enough time to build up some willpower of your own and will allow for your business and career to see some success.

Choose 1-2 Projects to work on, and that’s it!

Some people are built for taking on multiple projects within a short time frame.

However, many folks take on way more than they can chew.

When the deadline comes around the corner, they find themselves scrambling to finish each project which results in rushed, sloppy outcomes.

If you want to see your career succeed, slow down, be realistic, and take on 1-2 meaningful projects at a time…and that’s it.

Set your deadlines for when you need these projects completed by.

Make sure you’ve set aside your new 90-minute, highly focused communication-free time slot so that you have more time to work on your 1-2 projects.

Consider Your Business as a Whole

Gain a crystal clear perspective on your “Big Picture Vision” by focusing on your long-term goal for your business and your healthcare career(s).

Many folks naturally get so focused on one central aspect of their entire day’s worth of work that they forget what they are striving towards, especially in healthcare.

Ask yourself, “How can I get where I’m going if I’m not thinking of my destination?” If you don’t have a destination, or career aspirations, and an opportunity comes along, you may not recognize it and make room for it.

Say “Yes” to opportunities that work towards your career goals and learn to say “No” to opportunities that aren’t on par with your particular career path.

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